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Resuming Elective, Non-urgent Surgical Procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Class A Credits: 0.5

Format: Video

Course Launch Date: 5/26/20

Course Expires: 5/25/21

Understand preparation for and anesthetic management of patients undergoing elective, non-urgent surgical procedures with the goals to reduce the risk for SARS-CoV-2 transmission and protect healthcare personnel, patients, and their families. 

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A minimum passing score of 80% is required to pass this course. You have TWO opportunities to achieve a passing score. If you fail to achieve a passing score of 80%, you will not receive CE credit for this course.

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  • Describe considerations for facilities and clinicians which should be assessed prior to resuming elective, non-urgent surgeries and procedures.
  • Describe considerations throughout the perioperative process for decreasing risk of COVID-19 exposure during the anesthetic management of patients.

Brett Morgan, DNP, CRNA


Jessica Poole, DNAP, CRNA

Jose D. Castillo III, PhD, MSNA, CRNA, APRN

Sallie M Poepsel, PhD, MSN, CRNA, APRN