AANA April 2021 Journal Course: Second Victim: A Traumatic Experience (ME)

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Class A Credits: 1.0

Format: Video

Course Launch Date: 4/23/21

Course Expires: 4/22/24

Research is abundant on second victimhood (the provider who was involved in and traumatized by an adverse clinical event) but minimal about the experi­ence in nurse anesthetists. Physical and psychological symptoms of second victimhood may have a deleteri­ous effect on patient care.  Recognizing the important aspects during the various stages of recovery will help guide recovery efforts. Inclusion of important cur­riculum domains in nurse anesthesia education will improve understanding of this issue.  Organizations and departments need to be aware of the serious­ness of the effects of second victimhood and how to develop a supportive compassionate recovery pro­gram. More research is needed in nurse anesthetists to better understand implications specific to the practice.

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  • Recognize the impact of second victimhood on global healthcare.
  • Describe the second victim experience.
  • Identify symptoms and anesthesia delivery implications of the second victim experience.
  • Differentiate the stages of recovery of the second victim.
  • Formulate ideas for a departmental process for immediate support of victims.

Brenda A. Wands, PhD, MBA, CRNA