2021 Congress Digital Pass Bundles (3 Total)

2021 Congress Digital Pass Bundle 1


10 Class A Credit

1 Pharmacology Credits


  1. Acupuncture and Acupressure for the Nurse Anesthetist (1 Class A CE)
  2. Anesthetic Management of a Patient with Hereditary Coproporphyria (0.25 Class A CE)
  3. Assessment of Licensed Independent Practitioners – What Does the Future Hold? (1 Class A CE)
  4. Centralization of Pain: An Update (1 Class A CE with 0.25 Pharm)
  5. Determining the Value of Administering Anesthesia (1 Class A CE)
  6. ERAS in the 20’s: Are You Really Doing It? (1 Class A CE)
  7. Erector Spinae Block: Fact or Fiction? (1 Class A CE)
  8. Get The Right Job: Interview Techniques in the New Normal (1 Class A CE)
  9. Opioid Free Anesthesia for Outpatient Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion Surgery (0.5 Class A CE with 0.5 Pharm)
  10. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Acute Perioperative Pain Management (0.25 Class A CE)
  11. The Administration of Lower FiO2 Intraoperatively to Minimize Postoperative Adverse Outcomes (0.25 Class A CE)
  12. Tools to Evaluate the Competency of SRNAs Learning Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia in Simulation: An Integrative Review (0.25 Class A CE)
  13. Value of the CRNA Credential Survey – Initial Findings (0.5 Class A CE)
  14. Wellness Initiatives and Perspectives in Programs of Nurse Anesthesia (1 Class A CE)
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2021 Congress Digital Pass Bundle 2


20 Class A Credit

4.5 Pharmacology Credits


  1. A Qualitative Examination of Opioid Sparing Anesthesia Practices Among CRNAs (0.25 Class A CE)
  2. A Review of the Pharmacology and Anesthetic Implications of Cannabis (1 Class A CE with 1 Pharm)
  3. AANA Workplace Civility Task Force Collaboration with the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) and the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) (1 Class A CE)
  4. Advanced Ventilator Management – What You’re Missing From Your New Anesthesia Machine (1 Class A CE)
  5. Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation: COVID-19 – Collaborative Anesthesia Practice to Optimize Systems for Patient and Provider Safety in the Face of a New Reality (1 Class A CE)
  6. Beyond Ejection Fraction (EF): Anesthesia for the Patient with HFpEF (Heart Failure Preserved EF) (1 Class A CE with 0.25 Pharm)
  7. Buprenorphine: Anesthesia Management Challenges (1 Class A CE with 1 Pharm)
  8. Implementation of a SAFE Obstetrical Handover for CRNAs (0.5 Class A CE)
  9. Just the Facts Ma’am: The Fundamentals of Office-Based Oral Surgery (1 Class A CE)
  10. Leading Up: How to Lead Without a Title (1 Class A CE)
  11. Making a Difference With the Substance Use Disorder Patient: An Overview of the Disease, Refocusing our Paradigm, and Nurse Anesthesia Advocacy for the Patient (1 Class A CE with 0.25 Pharm)
  12. Moderate Sedation to Deep MAC: A Spectrum of Airway Options and Opportunities (0.75 Class A CE)
  13. Practice Considerations for the Anesthesia Practitioner for Methamphetamine Substance Use Disorder Patients (1 Class A CE with 1 Pharm)
  14. Rediscovery of Methadone to Improve Outcomes in Pain Management (0.5 Class A CE with 0.5 Pharm)
  15. Silent Partners Exposed: Understanding the Relationship Between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Cardiovascular Risks (1 Class A CE)
  16. Sneak Preview: The New ASA Difficult Airway Guidelines (1 Class A CE)
  17. Student Session: Student Stress- Faculty and Student Perspectives (0.5 Class A CE)
  18. The Great Vasopressor Debate: Anesthesia for Free Flap Plastic Procedures (1 Class A CE with 0.5 Pharm)
  19. The Impact of COVID-19 on CRNA Practice (1 Class A CE)
  20. The Mid-Year Assembly Student Mentoring Program: Does it Lead to Professional Involvement? (0.5 Class A CE)
  21. Understanding CRNA Malpractice Insurance (1 Class A CE)
  22. Utilization of Nurse Anesthesiologists to Expand Critical Care Capacity (1 Class A CE)
  23. What Does Reasonable Accommodation Look Like To A CRNA? (1 Class A CE)
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2021 Congress Digital Pass Bundle 3


31.25 Class A Credit

4.25 Pharmacology Credits


  1. 3-Dimensionally Printed Simulated Trachea to Improve Cricothyrotomy Skills in Anesthesia Providers (0.5 Class A CE)
  2. AANA/Support The Front- 18 Month Check-Up, How Are You Doing? (1 Class A CE)
  3. Anesthesia Pain Management Strategies for Parturients on Medication Assisted Treatment (0.5 Class A CE with 0.5 Pharm)
  4. Aromatherapy Effectiveness In Reducing Preoperative Anxiety (0.5 Class A CE)
  5. Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators: Better Clinical Evaluations: Judgement Day- What You Don’t Write but Need To (1 Class A CE)
  6. Assembly of Didactic and Clinical Educators: Does a Formalized Preceptor Training Program Reduce Barriers and Improve Learning for SRNAs and CRNAs in the Clinical Setting? (1 Class A CE)
  7. Big Considerations for the Small Population of Short Stature DWARFISM (1 Class A CE)
  8. Business Solutions Implemented by One Anesthesia Department Created by COVID-19 Pandemic (0.75 Class A CE)
  9. Comprehensive Evaluation of Day of Surgery Cancellations at an Academic Outpatient Surgery Facility (0.25 Class A CE)
  10. COVID-19 – Infection Control and Prevention Guidelines and Adaptive Leadership to Guide Departmental Response (1 Class A CE)
  11. Effects of Humerus and Intravenous Epinephrine Administration in a Normovolemic Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Model (0.25 Class A CE)
  12. Effects of Tibial IO and IV Epinephrine in a Euvolemic Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Model (0.25 Class A CE)
  13. Epigenetics- A Source of Interindividual Differences in Chronic Low Back Pain and Aging (1 Class A CE)
  14. Global Anesthesia: How Can We Improve Access to Anesthesia and Surgicalcare in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? (0.5 Class A CE)
  15. Goldie D. Brangman Diversity & Inclusion Lecture: Discovering Opportunity: Through Population Identical Workforces (1 Class A CE)
  16. Hot Topic Trio in Peds Anesthesia Pharm (1 Class A CE with 1 Pharm)
  17. It’s Time to Regulate! Nursing Regulation & Independent Practice Update for CRNAs (1 Class A CE)
  18. Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture: Killing Me Softly: CRNAs and Compassion Fatigue (1 Class A CE)
  19. Lung Ultrasound in the Detection of Pneumothorax (1 Class A CE)
  20. Medical Device Development: Things to Know Before You Leap! (0.75 Class A CE)
  21. Melting the Snowman: Ultrasound Examination of Anatomic Variations in the Brachial Plexus (1 Class A CE with 0.25 Pharm)
  22. Name that Receptor: A Review of Receptor Pharmacology (1 Class A CE with 1 Pharm)
  23. Office Based Dental Anesthesia Start Up (1 Class A CE)
  24. Patient Safety Movement Foundation: The Vision of Zero Harm (1 Class A CE)
  25. Perioperative Brain Health: A Proof-of-Concept Evaluation of a Novel EEG Device (1 Class A CE with 0.25 Pharm)
  26. PhD CRNAs, Pain Management Fellowships, Simulation Experts & Faculty: A Pipeline Effort for an Inclusive Nurse Anesthesia Profession to Address Workforce Racial Inequities (1 Class A CE)
  27. Rules for the Sandbox. Teaching and Practicing Cultural Humility in the Nurse Anesthesia Profession (1 Class A CE)
  28. Standardization of Ocular Care for the Prevention of Corneal Abrasions in Surgical Patients (0.25 Class A CE)
  29. Strategic, Focused Barrier Applications to the Anesthesia Workstation: A Novel Approach to Moderating the Risk of Nosocomial Infection During Surgical Anesthesia Care (0.25 Class A CE)
  30. Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists’ Perceptions of Incivility and Bullying by Healthcare Providers in the Clinical Setting (1 Class A CE)
  31. Suspicion, Diversion & Intervention: How to Do Something When You See Something (1 Class A CE)
  32. The Effectiveness of the Head-up Position During Preoxygenation of General Anesthesia (0.25 Class A CE)
  33. The Efficacy of Cidex, Cavicide, and Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner Disinfection on Disposable ETT’s After Exposure to Staphylococcus Aureus (0.25 Class A CE)
  34. The Impact of COVID-19 on CRNA Employment and Practice: Findings from Recent AANA Research (1 Class A CE)
  35. The Impact of the Disease Model of Substance Use Disorder on Evidence Based Practice Adoption and Stigmatizing Attitudes: A Comparative Analysis (0.25 Class A CE)
  36. The Next Generation of Monitoring Anesthetic Depth: Combining Real Time & Processed EEG as a Single Tool (1 Class A CE)
  37. The Safety and Efficacy of Peripherally Administered Norepinephrine During the Perioperative Period (1 Class A CE)
  38. The Second Victim Phenomenon, Implementation of a Peer Support Program and Lessons Learned (1 Class A CE)
  39. Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation to Decrease Opiate Utilization in Surgical Patients: An Evidence Based Education Module (0.25 Class A CE)
  40. Winning the Future: How “Nurse Anesthesiology” Unites the Profession and Positions CRNAs to Thrive in the Future (1 Class A CE)
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